National History Day - California

National History Day-California is an exciting, history-based learning experience for students in the 4th-12th grades. It is a statewide program sponsored by the Sacramento County Office of Education in conjunction with National History Day.


In History Day, students become the historian as they learn about issues, ideas, people and events in history and apply what they have learned by creating authentic and original projects. Each year a broad theme is selected to encompass entries, including those focused on local, state, American and world history. After researching their topic, students create a paper, exhibit, performance, website, documentary or poster related to the annual theme, and can compete at the district, county, state and national level by presenting their research findings, conclusions and projects.


CCPH members are encouraged to participate in History Day! The program needs friendly, history-loving folks to serve as judges at both the local & state levels.


Additionally, each year CCPH offers one cash prize to the student or group whose project best explores a topic related to California's dynamic past. Your membership dues and gifts make this award possible.